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Hoping to resurrect the great state of Deseret, they would rewrite the laws that had been enacted during the session under the name of “Deseret.When the railroads came in and brought new, non-Mormon settlers, the thought of creating a Mormon-based state was abandoned.England never recognized it as a colony, so in 1776 it tried its hand at reforming into a state. Congress didn’t pay attention to the proposal, and Pennsylvania (which housed most of the land that would have been Westylvania) soon passed a law stating that talking about secession and specifically the Westylvania movement would be considered treason and punishable by death.The state would also include parts of Pennsylvania. And so Westylvania quickly fizzled out of momentum and out of memory.The Mormons wanted their own state where they could govern themselves.Congress denied the request in 1849 but gave the Mormons the Utah territory (which was smaller than their proposed Deseret state).The state was approved and the Kansas government even set its proposed borders east of the state of Jefferson’s borders.

Texas was allowed to split into up to four states as part of getting admitted to the U. So, in 1870, Jefferson state was proposed in southeast Texas (south of the San Antonio River).

It didn’t pass through the Maryland Senate and hasn’t gotten any real traction in recent history.

Though it looks like “desert,” Deseret is actually named after a word from the Book of Mormon that means “honeybee.” It’s a region that the Mormons claimed in what’s now Utah, plus parts of several other states.

In fact, it’s a state idea that’s still being talked about today.

Mining communities in the Rockies west of Kansas Territory first requested forming the state of Jefferson in 1859.

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