Deal dating medical resident

We offer 1 and 2-year subscription terms; shorter terms are available in most areas through our 30-day recurring billing option.Up To Date Mobile Complete™ - the fastest mobile version of Up To Date. Fast forward to October and I find myself in a hospital bed, barely able to speak or move. I’ve done the hard yards, I’m good at what I do, and I have the right intentions…Expert physician authors and editors use structured clinical questions to prepare original content which undergoes multiple levels of peer review to promote clarity, ensure completeness, and prevent bias.Topics in Up To Date are revised whenever new, relevant evidence is published.Simply use a Wi-Fi connection to download the full content of Up To Date to your device and find clinical recommendations even without a network connection!

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By sharing my story I also hope to raise awareness about doctors’ health, work-life balance, safe working hours, and the toxic surgical environment that still exists in Australia. This post will merely set the scene for my lowest point in my life thus far, and I will be blogging later about how I’ve been able to waltz out of my ashes, which is still a work in progress but I’m getting there.

I also believe that writing down my whole story is going to be an important part of my healing.

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