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Our basic motto, “if you don’t have something good to say, please don’t say it all” holds up mostly but we do have an excellent section on common scams, alerts, and tips to help you avoid trouble in the Philippines. Once Philippines Forums or Message Boards reach a certain age, they tend to become shells of the earlier days of building up a community.These communities tend to grow an ego or “a life of their own” becoming a good old boys club which alienates newcomers.This makes for a very interesting discussion on every level Philippines Addicts is constantly building new working partnerships with other webmasters makes for an atmosphere of growth, vigor and forward thinking, not insider talk and good old boys mentality which leads to stagnation and exclusivity making the casual reader feeling left out or afraid to view their opinion.also has a very unique and personal dynamic no other Philippines Forums has and that’s a regular person showing them the ropes with several other fellow board members from around the World.The best part of Philippines Addicts is no politics is allowed whatsoever, so all members can feel at ease in that regard.We ask that you please comply and be aware of this basic rule Philippines Addicts Google Analytics Screenshot for One Year Ending January 2018 Thanks to everyone for making Philippines Addicts the Philippines forums it is today with an impressive number of active and friendly members to help bring it into the future and beyond.This makes for one-sided talking instead of fresh outlooks and more updated information.

A warmer atmosphere also breeds more people revealing things they normally wouldn’t tell anybody because others inspire them to do so.

Philippines Addicts is a collective Philippines forum dedicated to providing up to date information for the seasoned traveler, expat and new traveler to the Philippines in a friendly civil fashion.

It has taken over 6 years of hard work to get to a point of over 4,500 visitors a day, 1.3 million monthly page views and yearly page views of 14 million page views.

The turns a helpful resource into an exclusive club leaving anybody new to the “scene” feeling left out.

The same holds true for any large community if things are not constantly changed and a steady stream of new members join and add new fresh perspective to the conversation.

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