Dating regular people

Editing in a very nonlinear way — telling a compelling story that made sense while also jumping across five timelines — was really challenging.

We were lucky to have an amazing post-production team to help figure out this fantastic jigsaw of all these amazing moments and connections and awkward encounters that have to be pieced together to create a seamless dreamscape of a night.

I wasn’t going to ask them 10,000 questions like, “Do you love dogs? It was also people who weren’t looking for attention.

Or people who don’t see faces like their own on TV.

We’d put them on a desert island to win a million dollars, or we’d put them on fantasy dates in helicopters to see if they’d fall in love.

What we want now are ordinary people in ordinary circumstances.

The old mantra inside the business was, we’d take ordinary people and put them in extraordinary circumstances.We went to bridge clubs, we went to libraries, we went to bookstores, we tried to go to places that weren’t necessarily top-level meat-market destinations. We, as individuals, are often on Tinder or an equivalent type of dating app, and we think we know what we’re looking for. He should be this tall, he should have this color skin, he should be more or less within this weight range, his job should allow me to think that he makes between this and this, he should live in this borough of New York City.And if he’s all of those things, because I’m a straight woman, I’ll swipe. So I asked our daters to just trust meeting a stranger. ” Because those questions need to be asked at the table in conversation. Casting was really hard because we were looking for people who wouldn’t normally do this, and that doesn’t just mean people that might not trust an outfit like Netflix.One of the things that helped us to find people is that Netflix had carved out a brand already that was non-exploitative — a little smarter, a little cooler, a little more sophisticated.We had casting people go out on the streets of New York, we had posted fliers, and people were more interested in the notion of doing a Netflix show.

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