Dating on earth popcorn

Archaeologists have found these kernels in popped form that carbon dating show to be at least 1000 years old.In this respect, Native Americans were considerably lucky; they got to enjoy popcorn much sooner that did the rest of the world.Instead of being eaten off the cob, popcorn is usually stripped from the cob and then heated in a pan until the inside literally breaks through the tough hull, creating fluffy, crunchy kernels.This type of corn is a new world food, and its seeds have been found in archaeological digs that date back several thousands of years.

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Too little heat results in the corn partially steaming, producing soggy kernels instead of crunchy ones.The experiment involves several steps described below.Ice coring on the summit of Mount Moulton, in West Antarctica.A portable “Eclipse” drill rig is shown, and scienctists hold a segment of ice core retrieved by the drilling operation.A thick ash layer is shown in the background (dark band) and the source volcano, Mt. Susie Welch, Nelia Dunbar, Bill Mc Intosh and Lynn Heizler; April 2009, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.

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