Dating guadalajara

Like a "there's something in the water" phenomenon.

Similar to the hype (real or not) on Montreal, Ukraine and Moscow.

It's so bad that when I see an average girl, I perk up then realize a couple of seconds later that she's just average.

Anyway, I'm planning on checking out the higher end clubs/antros this weekend to see if the quality changes but I'm highly doubting it. Otherwise, be warned: Don't come here for the girls! Try to talk to the girls, a Gringo is always welcome.

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West Coast posted a really good data sheet for Guad. It would be like going to the DR with no interest in women with African ancestry and saying dont come here for the girls because you dont like mulatas. I almost had two roll with me and my buddy to PV but we didn't follow up. I've pounded the pavement every day, some days for hours on end.

The girls that work at the new mall area are the best looking, also you can go to Lola Loita for night game Generally, day game is needed much more relative to night in GDL. It can certainly be done, but DF is where it is at for night life. If you have been to all those places and did not like what you saw, then your experience was drastically different than mine.

If you don't like Latinas, you're not going to like it in GDL much, places like playa del Carmen are better for that. If you have not been to those places, I strongly suggest you take a tour. At first pass on those pics above, I was like, "man, that guy better never come to DC." lol But, yea, none of the chicks are really show stopping.

If you want to pull quality your best bet is centro commercial.

I think I posted about it in my thread (had to take down my attachments for privacy reasons).

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