Dating digital podcast oline dating for kids

Amanda: OK, yes, I'm the first to admit that it's great for helping time go by.

And they’ve come up with ways to mitigate the destruction, but over time it WILL DIE.Even the stuff that’s on the internet – it’s just stored on someone else’s servers.And it turns out that all these machines we use to store data – the servers, and the computers, and the hard drives – they all have about the same lifespan.DAVE: It’s only a matter of time before all that is GONE, you know. Through this podcast, we’re going to teach podcasters how to preserve their podcasts.And it’s terrible because we are using this medium as if it were indelible. He’s a software developer who helped invent podcasting back in 2001, when he wrote MP3 files into an RSS format. And to help us out, we’re working with two archivists and four indie podcast producers.

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