Dating bromo seltzer bottles

The stories, especially the ones from Marvel Comics, changed the way I viewed superheroes and comics forever.

Every issue had the usual story of a super someone fighting some blabber-mouthed villain who was trying to loot a bank or rule the world.

It was the sub-plots of the sub-plot in the stories that did it.

The heroes in the comics I loved were dealing with something worse than any crook in purple tights.

The writers were no longer using imaginary locations for their stories.

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After you've found the mark on the bottle, classify it by type. Pontil marks typically indicate an older bottle, and older bottles are sometimes more valuable.

The locations were important because it grounded the supers in reality.

As revolutionary as that was for comic books, it still didn’t get my buzz cut of a brain working overtime.

Once you know what to look for, you'll be able to spot a great bottle during your next visit to the flea market or antique shop.

Although many factors, including condition, rarity, and age, contribute to the worth of an antique bottle, the markings on the bottom or side of the glass can tell you quite a bit about a bottle's history and value.

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