Dating boyfriend in college

I talked to one woman who, at 29, hasn’t been with anyone but her high school sweetheart. He went to a local boy’s school, I went to a girl’s school and we had a few mutual friends.

I asked her to tell me what that’s been like — the good and the not-so-good. We started dating when we were 16 and did all the high school things together, like prom.

Finding one perfect partner after a bunch of false starts has been sold to us as the ultimate romantic narrative.

But what if you fall in love at 16 and never break up?

In a lot of the stories we publish, whether in the magazine or on the blog, I see the same pattern: The wedding is more important than the marriage. For so many couples, it’s the “logical next step,” but I don’t really buy that.

I do sometimes wonder, though, if he doesn’t want to marry me because secretly he wants to keep it open, just in case. I don’t want to read into it too much, because there are a bunch of different reasons why we don’t want to get married right now. We make each other laugh a lot and we’re really well-suited. What got us out of the last bout of this was honesty.

I don’t know if that’s selfish or old-fashioned or jealous, but relationships are so personal.

We’ve never had a breakup that’s gone on for longer than, say, the span of an argument.I never got the chance to bond with my single girlfriends over those shared experiences of past relationships, exes, shitty dates.I’m turning 30 this year and have started to get a bit reflective about that.It got heaps better when we finished university and really started to align on the direction of our lives.Although I’ve been 100 percent on board with the relationship in the years since, I don’t know if we would have gotten back together if we’d broken up. I do have that little bit of doubt, I guess it’s FOMO, that comes up every now and then.

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