Dating an east indian man

I understand that black and Indian is not a very strong combination.I have had a lot of black female acquaintances and friends but I never asked one out because I have been led to believe (by the media) that there is strong opposition to interracial dating amongst the black community and that I may have a hard time.If you meet a woman that you want to date, That's the only way you'll find out if she wants to date you or not.

In general, the people of India tend to marry within their community whether that community exists within India or those of Indian decent living in other countries.

One of the reasons the notion of dating is still foreign to the Indian people, is because it implies mental and (quite possible) physical contact with many people of the opposite sex.

Many Indian parents and Indian society don't believe in a "trial and error" approach to love. Indian men are more likely to date outside of India than those living in India.

I will add these men have approached me and none have pressured me about sex which has been a generalization about what Indian men want from black women. Go for personality and just like ANY race some will like you some wont You can't really generalize what black woman like or prefer.

I think indian men ate extremely attractive and will probably end up marrying an indian man which will probably be who i am dating now. Everyone, regardless of race are individuals and have their own preferences.

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