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time, i like to make people laugh and make them feel good about themselves. recently split with a girl and leaving time and a big hole in my life..

The Cambrian marked a profound change in life on Earth; prior to the Cambrian, the majority of living organisms on the whole were small, unicellular and simple; the Precambrian Charnia being exceptional.Try the train for so many reasons – to explore hidden places and peaceful spaces; to gaze at seascapes that stretch the horizon; to watch rolling fields and steep slopes and crags; to walk in the footsteps of history; to dip your toes in the waves at the start of Wainwright’s longest walk or maybe just to sit back and relax at the slow unfolding of rivers, fells and lonely estuaries.At Maryport lies the Roman settlement once known as of Alauna and the fascinating Senhouse Roman Museum…The use of Treptichnus pedum, a reference ichnofossil to mark the lower boundary of the Cambrian, is difficult since the occurrence of very similar trace fossils belonging to the Treptichnids group are found well below the T.pedum in Namibia, Spain and Newfoundland, and possibly in the western USA. pedum overlaps the range of the Ediacaran fossils in Namibia, and probably in Spain.

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    Ever been to the streets of New York City, or cruise through LA at night?

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    "Before I got married I'd never really had problems meeting or befriending men, but when it came to romantic involvement, I admit that I hadn't always given men enough chance to chase. Now I am feeling more powerful, self-confident and in control as I have given myself options by not exclusively dating the first man who shows romantic interest.

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    about the phenomenon of straight men who date transgender women but want to “keep us a secret,” calling those men “insecure as fuck” for fearing that society will perceive them as gay.