Christian safe dating partner

And when it’s wholeheartedly chosen, can be fulfilling and happy like Paul states in his famous letter to the Corinthians. If done well it can be an even happier place to be.

Research shows happily married people are happier than singles who claim to be happy. Other research shows happily married people can cope with the stresses of life better and are generally in a better health. Single men are most underrepresented in church, on average there’s about 1 single guy to every 2 single women[3], and this unbalance is growing.

They will say things like: ‘There are no good Christian men’, or: ‘All the good ones are taken’, or: ‘Christian women only want to talk about children on a first date’.

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Singleness, when done well, is honouring to God and can be a very good place to be.In this day and age marriage seems like a risky enterprise.Divorce rates are high (though you have to be really careful which sources to trust when it comes to the real figures), and heartbreak is a massive issue most people hope to avoid at all cost.Other issues they struggle with are sex, the desire to have children and the social pressure of dating (men mainly report this).Now these findings are reported in an online, anonymous survey. People will not usually share their real feelings regarding missing a partner.

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