Cheryl burke still dating chad

Two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champ Cheryl Burke has created a lot of buzz, on and off the dance floor.

There have been rumors in the past that she’s had romantic flings with her celebrity dance partners.

There’s still hope for the two, as Cheryl tells us they “definitely keep in touch.” “I just talked to him the other day, he’s doing really well,” Cheryl said. De Generes got her to open up about DWTS dancing partner Chad Ochocinco, dancing her way through the pain of abusive relationships, and dealing with the media’s attention about her weight. Ellen: Because he was dating other people at the same time? Cheryl: Well, you just look at his Twitter and see who he’s following and that speaks for itself. There are many people who go through similar situations.(She’s a twig, how could you ever say anything about her weight?! (A relationship milked for DWTS, and ultimately had half of America invested in pretty heavily.) Ellen: You were denying that there was a romantic thing going on (with partner Chad Ochocinco) but there was some kind of romantic thing going on. Well, seems like the truth about Cheryl and Chad has finally come out. Ellen: You talk about abusive relationships that you have been in the past that you got yourself out of as well. Cheryl: Yeah, I went through a couple of abusive relationships during my whole high school career and I think it just stems from my childhood. It was my one true thing that I stayed loyal to that really helped me get through the abuse. Cheryl: I was five years old when my family hired help to help us around the house. So I fell for these men who were unavailable to me. The best thing to do, if you’re in the situation, you must talk about it whether it is to a family member or friends or a priest or a therapist.I’m just hoping his new lady, whether it’s Cheryl or some VH1 skank, has a Kate Hudson-like effect on him.Okay I saw some tweets yesterday from Chad, and I got really upset because everyone saw the undeniable chemistry that he's had with Cheryl, but I came to realize that hey it takes more than chemistry, and it's starting to look like he's not the right one to me, take a look at this article and give your opinion, I also posted some of his tweets in the twitter section, where he gave her some Louboutin's I find it very interesting to give a woman he claims to just met some shoes.

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