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They have insane defense and life, and always seem to stun you regardless of your own defense. Previously a minor nuisance, archers are now a serious threat.Their damage and rate of fire has been increased tenfold, and they tend to scatter in all directions if you try to attack them, making them pelt you with arrows from all sides. Gate captains can use Mosou attacks and even get in weapon locks with your character. This FAQ also assumes you know the basics of the game (controls, items, etc.) so it doesn't reiterate what the instruction manual already tells you. Version History Version 1.4 (6/2/02/) - Updated character quotes. Added information on Huang Gai event at Chi Bi and the Wind Corridor at He Fei Castle. Introduction This FAQ focuses on the various events and strategies for each of the epic battles in the game.Power ups dropped by generals and officers are dependent on the difficulty level.Before Lu Bu would always drop an Attack 8 regardless of difficulty. Life and Musou gages are now independent of each other. Life and Musou power ups are only found in pots in each stage.All of the original stages from Dynasty Warriors 3 have been redesigned.In addition battles are now grouped into two categories: 90-minute battles and 30-minute battles.

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The precious item appears in a box and you'll need to find it (check the history option in the start menu) and smash it to get the fourth weapon inside.

General bodyguards (in particular those guarding the leader) have been strengthened considerably.

This is probably to buy the general more time to recover life.

Generals and officers no longer instantly recover life after a knockdown.

The range at which a character can move before a horse disappears seems to have increased as well.

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