Chat room for older adults

In doing that, well done for you, you have recognised a state that does not make you happy and are looking for ways to deal with it.You must try whatever you think might help you, whether it be chat rooms or website but please first make sure you see a counsellor with whom you are comfortable, in whatever way you can do this.What I am trying to say is that ultimately we have to decide what we are going to do with where we are at right now.You, I think have made the choice of dealing with depression that has snuck up on you.

It is very common for seniors to experience depression and although it often takes different forms and for different reasons, it does not make it any better nor does it suggest you should not go on with your life in a manner that makes you happy and respected.m 45 - fredh25 m 60 - Joe1414 f 61 - happyrabbit f 70 - missy25 f 67 - Noi1234 f 58 - Shortycut...f 50 - lorine m 65 - Spunkis m 49 - Scottyken f 57 - Jodykay m 67 - Dhartcoun... f 63 - Shyrlr m 45 - Ssss123456 f 53 - Hargrovek f 57 - Kylady m 66 - Ralph2Cool f 56 - Bridgelover m 54 - John165 m 69 - Kevinsmit m 67 - delwinday f 53 - Tecla.irene f 50 - olivergael m 66 - schrecky f 51 - Ronigirl f 57 - jewlee10 f 62 - Ms Baker f 59 - Looking4f...You should make sure your diet is good and that you get exercise that you can cope with.Try to do a bit of soul searching and see if you can find of what is making you depressed and then seek a way out of that.

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