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There will be two stages, an Entertainment stage with live music and cabaret, and an "I Am Proud" stage with keynote talks by guest speakers and panel discussions throughout the day (John'll be on one about community starting ). The Community Village area (in the Old School Rooms building next to it) hosts group/charity stalls with info and pride merchandise.

In between acts, the stage will play a selection of voice recordings submitted for this purpose by some of you (listen out for John's poetry/your piece if they make the cut? Come say hi, we have a stall there with awesome badges, maybe some temporary tattoos, flags, facepaints in many identities of pride stripes including bi, pansexual, nb, trans, ace; also a new batch of bi umbrellas (slightly different frame than the originals) and a *limited edition* trial batch of brand new trans pride brollies!

Black marked members will not have guaranteed space at any booked event until they redeem themselves (getting the mark removed) by showing up enough, and might not be trusted to run events.

Starred members are awesome, generally reliable people and have helped us all lots (even if from outside the group)! The UK's first full Bisexual Pride event, organised by Bi Pride UK (a charity).

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Opening Doors, Lo Shearing and their Bi Survivor's Network/Stitch Bi Stitch).These are rare though; if they're not your thing, ignore them.Turnout is strong (reliably 40 or more for the monthly bar socials, usually 10-30ish for most other official meets).Further details: Nex UDDxo Lw RQFc V2ks-F9j Uftypacztzx8/mobilebasic For last minute details, sign up to the mailing list/follow the Facebook for Bi Pride UK/the event, or Twitter (@Bi Pride UK).Want to make things better for bi support, charity and community groups?

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