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Cam Prof offers advice, strategy and implementation services in the development and mobility of professionals throughout the working life.We work with both private and public sectors, for small, medium and large enterprises, across Canada, Europe and internationally.I’m here to remind you that Toronto’s model of Legitimate Rape Reduction requires a certain moxie that none of your governments have yet summoned. To recap: in 2012, the issue of Legitimate Stranger Rape came to a head in Toronto after a series of high-profile sexual assaults.At least one rapist was breaking into the homes of sleeping women, while a downtown park became a site of fear and dread, and a woman was brutally murdered while walking home from work one night.

Within three years, Cam Prof successfully completes assignments for a wide range of clients in different sectors, including the Association of Community Colleges of Canada (now Colleges and Institutes Canada) and the British Columbia Trucking Association, and further projects for both CTHRC and CMEC.It was fought over bitterly, and repeatedly sent back to various committees for adjustments and amendments. Let me confirm what you already know: the curfew has been a phenomenal success.Then, in fall 2013, Krista Ford, niece of the city’s then-mayor and daughter of Canada’s current Minister of Foreign Affairs, was catcalled by a group of men early one morning as she walked the family’s bichon frieze. It has reduced its intended target——by over 95 per cent.Many fathers have expressed enthusiasm for the curfew, and I’d like to applaud them as loving, self-sacrificial parents for whom the safety of their daughters is paramount to their own freedom.Thank you for giving me the time to outline Toronto’s two decades of Legitimate Rape Reduction success. Yes, some people will always argue that -B227 is an unjust form of gender profiling that punishes innocent non-offenders.

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