Boomer woman s guide to dating

“A person’s readiness to date after the death of a spouse varies widely,” Gallego says.“Some people jump right in while others never venture into another relationship again. Join clubs, groups, or something with your passion. Take solo trips,” says Julie Yarworth, vice president of matchmaking at It’s Just Lunch Intl.My advice is to make sure you’ve allowed yourself time to truly grieve the loss of your spouse and that you’re not avoiding your grief by getting into a new relationship. “There” is taking a new class or learning a new skill. For example, if you love golf, join a co-ed golf league. Lee also encourages people to join clubs or groups related to something they’re interested in to help meet others with similar interests.Seeking therapy to assist in the grief process can be tremendously helpful.” No matter what, do what is right for you when the time is right.“There” is anywhere. “And don’t forget to tell your friends that you’re single and looking to meet people.One of my favorite sayings is by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. With the wise words from local therapists and matchmaking experts, we’re sharing 10 tips to help you in your journey to find love again or for the first time.‘’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’” Other dating dos and don’ts that are worth a reminder? “Make sure enough time has passed,” says April Davis, president and matchmaker at, a California dating service (with a branch in Sacramento) for single professionals and executives who prefer a customized elite search.“Some potential new partners are uncomfortable talking about a spouse [who’s passed away], but if that’s where you are with your grieving and you need to talk about it, you’ll need to be honest with a new partner about it.”Everyone’s timeline is different.Just as people become parents at different stages in life, people also need different amounts of time to heal and move on from past relationships.

If your goal is to start dating again, come up with a plan and list your path on how you’re going to get there.

“Ultimately, I’m not sure it matters how people meet—the important part is how they stay together happily,” she says.

With any relationship that ends, there will be two sides of the story. Since we know nobody is perfect, it’s fair to say that you probably made some mistakes in that relationship just as your partner did.

Playing games won’t get you anywhere.” Timing is everything, according to Davis.

“You should make sure enough time has passed and that you’re working towards a goal,” she says.

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