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A few months worth of payments from each, and she had new boobs.Educational Differences – Another problem western men experience with Thai bar girls is the difference in educational backgrounds.Not sure, most of the successful relationships I've seen in Thailand well the guy already has a lot of money and it lasts because he didn't run out of money so it's a bit hard to make a concensus there.Even though if I was a Thai guy I wouldn't be attracted to a Thai guy physically but if I was a Thai girl I'd wanna hook up with a rich Thai dude before I'd hook up with a Farang and if you look that's what happens anyway.

Ask a bar girl why she wants a farang and she'll tell you straight out so that he can "take care of her" typically this means financially.I don't doubt that Thai girls are attracted to Farang guys, no offence to Thai guys but if I was a girl i'd be more interested in a farang as well.But is it possible for a Thai girl to love a Farang for more than financial means?She had met both guys while they were on holiday in Bangkok, convinced them she was their girlfriend, and then kept in contact with them when they went back home so she could ask for money.Both men, who sounded to me like they were in love, were sending her several hundred dollars every month.

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