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Some chat rooms and online dating service providers can be accessed for free while others may charge a monthly or yearly fee.There are different versions of online dating platforms designed to meet different needs and in different ways.There are now 86% Australian households, representing 7.7 million, with access to the internet up from 65% in 2008.This increased dependence on the internet has resulted in more people using online services which also includes dating sites.The Department of Home Affairs has launched a new online marriage verification service as part of the Check Your Marital Status and Date Campaign.The service has been made available to assist in preventing and uncovering instances where South Africans have been unknowingly married to foreigners.The Department has promised to nullify resident permits, work permits and citizenship of people who have benefited from fraudulent marriages.

From 1976 to 2011, the number of religious young adults has reduced by over half.On most platforms, users can upload and check other users’ photos.Using the provided information and specially defined algorithms, the online dating platform can suggest possible matches to the users.This has left people with less time, space and access to conventional forms of dating.At the same time, they now have improved access to ICTs.

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