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Additional configuration is only needed if you want to change the default behaviour.In the source code's package directory, first add the shall appear.But if you have a custom component create by yourself from more components or even one like Date Field, Date Text Field , you will have to add a behavior to every sub-component to make your form update through ajax.For example, a Date Time Field must respond if we change something inside its text field or if we change hours or minutes through its internal text fields, or AM/PM through its internal drop down choice.

Simple components like Check Box, Text Field, Drop Down Choice are all Form Components.The catalog of the components with live examples is available here.In this introductory article, we've covered the basics of Wicket the component-based web framework in Java.No need for Javascript, nor XML configuration files.It provides a layer over the request-response cycle, shielding from working at a low level and allowing developers to focus on the business logic.

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