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Previous NATSAL surveys were also carried out in Britain in 19 and primarily collects information about sexual behaviour of the population.

Table 2: Percentage of respondents reporting same sex partners, and same sex sexual experience.

Adult females were more likely to identify themselves as bisexual (0.9%) compared to adult males (0.6%).

The survey provided a range of other social and demographic information about LGB people in the UK.

Source: National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle 3 (Source: Mercer et al 2013 see key references) *of all respondents aged 16-74 years; There was an increase in the reporting of same sex sexual experience by women in Natsal 3 (2010-2012) compared to Natsal 2000 .

This is likely to have occurred because of greater willingness among respondents to report sexual behaviour and also as part of a trend for increased numbers of sexual partners among younger women.

The most recent estimates suggests 2.6% of adults aged 16 in the UK and 2.2% in Scotland self-identify as LGB or other ().

This is similar to the figure reported in the Scottish Surveys Core Questions 2017 (SSCQ), which found that 94.5% of the Scottish population identified as heterosexual and 2.4% as LGB or other.

LGB people are not easily identified in routinely available information sources.

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Civil partnership data were collected for the 2011 Scottish census and reported in release 2A table 1 (9Kb).

At the date of the census 7,000 people (0.2% of the Scottish population) were in a civil partnership, 1,982,000 (45%) were married (including remarried), 1,549,000 (35%) were single (never married or registered a civil partnership) 360,000 (8.2%) were divorced or formerly in a civil partnership, 340,000 (7.8%) were widowed, widowered or the surviving partner from a civil partnership, and 141,000 (3.2%) were separated but still legally married or in a civil partnership.

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