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The idea of individual strength curves, that someone may deviate from the length-tension relationship, is doubtful.The midpoint is where the muscles operate strongest for everyone.It’s impossible not to have bar deceleration if you don’t have “accommodating resistance,” says Shane Sweatt of Westside Barbell.“If you have bar deceleration, you’re teaching yourself to slow down. As you move a barbell, it’s natural to reduce your effort as you get to positions of mechanical advantage; e.g., the top of a bench-press rep.

The big assumption here is that changing the strength curve, or how heavy the weight feels throughout the range of motion, from what naturally occurs with free weights is the right step. Accommodating resistance brings problems due to these reasons.With uniform lifts that have you move in a straight line, in which each joint moves equally, makes this unlikely.This type of movement should occur on all three powerlifts.Returning to the lockout of the bench press, the muscles shorten and start to overcrowd.This creates less tension, the main stimulus for more muscle size and strength.

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