Accommodating student diversity

Acknowledging this, the Landscape report suggests that accommodations need to be built into programs and initiatives that fall under student services or student affairs.

“Co-curricular experiences, work-oriented learning, experiential learning, leadership opportunities – all of these need to have accommodations built into them,” she said.

He speaks fluent English, so there's no language barrier to overcome with Giang.

However, he does come from a very different culture than that of the European-American culture that values individual competitiveness, or the drive for personal success.

But, there’s also a cultural stigma against disability that makes it difficult to do that job effectively,” he said, noting that, according to the multi-year accountability agreements published by each university, fewer students are seeking accommodations from one year to the next. Dolmage added: “Universities map disability as a legal requirement and as something that needs to be medically verified, but they might not necessarily recognize disability as an important source of diversity or as a culture.” Mr.

Smith at NEADS agreed: “That medical approach doesn’t speak to the individual learning path or requirement of the student who happens to have a disability.” Fundamentally, said Dr.

How is the rest of campus life meeting their needs? whole systems across a nation,” said Christine Arnold, one of the co-investigators for the Landscape report and an assistant professor in the faculty of education at Memorial University (the two other co-investigators were Michelle Pidgeon, an associate professor of education at Simon Fraser University, and Deanna Rexe, vice-president, academic, at Assiniboine Community College).Try it risk-free You're going to learn how methods of instruction, activities, rules, and equipment can be altered in order to accommodate students of different cultures, languages, and physical abilities in this lesson.Today we're going to meet three students: Giang, Isabella, and Alex.The report makes numerous recommendations for policy changes at the federal, provincial and institutional levels (the latter includes service providers, teaching staff and libraries).These include: “Mandate accessibility of features, methods, applications and protocols used by persons with disabilities in navigating education and employment,” meaning that accessibility shouldn’t be limited to certain areas of education and employment; and “Mandate postsecondary institutions to outline a nationally accepted set of essential requirements for all their programs of study,” which aims to eliminate the current regional and provincial disparities that exist with respect to policies and practices around accessibility and inclusion.

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